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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wash My Feet - Anonymous

Wash My Feet = Anonymous 

Dear Lord,

I know you want to 
wash my feet.
I know my fear,
my resistance.

I'm not clean.
I'm embarrassed
to admit to myself
all the ways I am
dishonest, self-indulgent,
negligent, defensive,
and failing in my
relationship with you,
with others -
failing to love.

Wash me.
Let me accept,
how your self-giving
sets me free
from my sin
and offers to
heal me.

By your being
broken and given
poured out and shared,
make me whole.

Let my heart
be freed of its
anxiety and fear,
its anger and lust.
Fill me with joy
and peace,
that I might
give you praise.

Send me to wash,
to forgive, to free,
to nourish,
to embrace and
give life.

By your grace,
may the poor know
that your mandate
has touched
my heart
and the hearts
of the community
whose celebration
of your love
sustains me.

(If anyone knows the author of this, please let me know, Terry)

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