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Monday, April 4, 2011

GOD'S WORD TO EACH OF US (1964) Romano Guardini

GOD'S WORD TO EACH OF US (1964) Romano Guardini


Last night -- it was well toward morning when dreams often
come -- a dream came to me. I do not recall any longer what 
occured in it, but something was said either to me or by me; I 
do not remember which. It was said that when a human being
is born, he or she receives a word from God. What is said is 
important. It is not only an inspiration, but a word. This word
is uttered in the infant's very being; it is a guide for everything
that will happen in one's life. This word is both a strength and 
a liability. A mandate and a promise. A guard and a challenge.
Everything that then occurs in the person's life is somehow 
related to the realization of this word. A human life is an eluci-
dation and a fulfillment of the divine word which influences all 
aspects of the life. This word is spoken to each human being. It
understands each of us, and comes into harmony with us. This
word is perhaps the basis on which God will eventually judge 
each human being. 

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