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Friday, April 22, 2011

Holiness is Always in Season by Pope Benedict XVI

"Be Holy!  Be Saints!"

Holiness is Always in Season is another beautiful book written by Pope Benedict XVI. Ignatius has been publishing books that are so very beautiful you don't want to put them on bookshelves; you want to keep them out where everyone can see them. Seriously, these last few books written by Pope Benedict XVI are covered with gold! Okay, not real gold, but they truly are some of the most beautiful books I have ever seen and then, inside, the words are like liquid gold. This Pope Benedict XVI is a great Theologian and a great writer. 

Holiness Is Always In Season surprised me, as I thought it would be about a topic, obviously Holiness, with lots of heavy reading, but not so. Instead of a topic, it is a Garden of Saints and, within each chapter, done by seasons and months, are the Saints of that month. A Twelve Month Garden, each month filled with different Saints, dozens of Saints, to take you through the year, where Holiness is Always in Season! These Saints are our models and teachers in the way of holiness. The world of the saints is a world of wonders, and Pope Benedict XVI helps us to enter this world. 

Do yourself a favor and go to the "LOOK INSIDE!" on the Amazon page for this book and see the layout. You will gasp at the site of the cover and, if you like to read about Saints, you will enjoy every word. 

The Introduction is worth reading to tempt you to buy the book. Find the Intro in the "LOOK INSIDE!," written, of course, by Benedict XVI; and written as poetry, with reference to "Oh, when the saints go marching in, Lord, how I want to be in that number!" 

Then the Holy Father will take your hand and put it in Blessed Mary's maternal hand as we pray that the Queen of All Saints will lead us toward our heavenly homeland . . . 

At the "LOOK INSIDE!" see the list of all the Saints in January - find your own birthday month - I found mine and saw the Saints I know well in July, my month. I like this book. I had mine the day it came out. 

Pope Benedict XVI wrote: "Holiness never goes out of fashion; on the contrary, with the passage of time it shines out ever more brightly, expressing man's perennial effort to reach God." 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta wrote: "Holiness is not something for the extraordinary; it is not a luxury of the few. Holiness is the simple duty for each one of us." 

Christ taught us all, "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." 

The Church teaches us, "All the faithful, whatever their condition or state in life, are called by the Lord to that perfect holiness." 

Let us begin, it is Spring!

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