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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism
Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism
by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

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5.0 out of 5 stars CATHOLIC !! with NO RESERVATIONS!, April 22, 2003

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My husband and I are 76 and 70 and have been strong "Bible" Christian believers and teachers. For the last 33 years we have been very active in Church and in the best Protestant Christian Bible Studies in national and international classes. We are becoming Catholic with NO RESERVATIONS! Something we never thought could or would happen to us. This book will open your mind to TRUTHS you have never seen before.

My beautiful Christian husband read this book non-stop, came in the room, closed the book, put it down beside me, looked at me with his eyes brimming with tears and said, "They are right!" Simple as that.

I give this book to others but I tell them, "Pray because it will change your life!" You next need your Bible, Keatings books, and a Catechism. Get ready for a new but very exciting and blessed life. You will fall in love with Jesus all over again. The Catholic Church will become your Rome Sweet Home! See you in heaven. Terry

John Paul the Great - Peggy Noonan

John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father
John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father
by Peggy Noonan

5.0 out of 5 stars Peggy Noonan The Great (Writer), February 22, 2006

Everything I have ever read that Peggy Noonan has written always makes me say, "I wish I had said that!" or "Why didn't I write that?" Peggy is funny, she is deep - she is nothing short of magnificent. Peggy Noonan the Great sees life with a capital L, puts it all on paper for you and for me and makes that Life jump off the pages right into our hearts.

That is exactly what Peggy Noonan has done with John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father. She has made the life of John Paul the Great, jump off the pages, right into your heart.

Peggy Noonan is gifted at one-liners; her titles for each chapter, as well as all of her comments, need to be underlined in a brilliant color and cherished over and over as you read them again and again.

The first chapter, "I saw a Saint at Sunrise" is very heart-warming to any of us who have been to Rome but will be just as exciting to those who still yearn to make their first journey. The final chapter, "There is a Dead Saint in Rome" will take you to many thoughts of the week John Paul the Great left us.

The writing of the mini-miracle, sandwiched between the first and last chapter, of perfectly round circles of glass from an `explosion' of her coffee glass, filled with hot coffee, that reminded Peggy to pray the Rosary, will delight you. You will shake your head as you believe.

John Paul the Great was my Christmas gift to many grateful friends who feel the same way. Buy it - you will love it. Then, write a review!

TRUTH With a Capital "T" - Karl Keating


Fulton Sheen once wrote, "There are only a handful of Americans who hate the Catholic Church, though there are millions who hate what they think the Church is."

All my life I had people telling me all these very strange things, about these very strange people, in this very strange church! The Church was called CATHOLIC!!!! "Watch out!" they said, "they worship Mary!" "Be Careful" they said, "they don't let you read the Bible!" "It is awful!" they said, "they crucify Christ over and over and over again!" They said more than these 52 things that Keating speaks of but guess what I found out? They were wrong. All wrong! My Grandmother, rest her soul, was wrong! My churches were wrong! People I love and who love me were wrong! You will love discovering what this wonderful Church really believes. You may just decide to be CATHOLIC!!!! I did.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Wonderful About Mary . . . Blessed Mother

The Blessed Mother

I was thinking last night . . . something wonderful about the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary . . .there is never a time she is mentioned that you do not think first of Jesus . . . she is totally about Christ Jesus.

The other greats in the Holy Scripture may ultimately be about GOD but you often think of them, and something they did, when you see their names, their history . . . Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Isaiah, keep going through the OT and even in the NT . . . but only Mary, the Blessed Mother, is an immediate JESUS and only JESUS - see? "Do whatever He tells you." That is her song.

"Do whatever He tells you." That is her song. "Do whatever He tells you."

I thought of that last night and, up to and through Pentecost, we see her and we always "think of Jesus" don't we? Always. She was born with a purpose and she fulfilled her purpose.

Then I thought, what will they remember about me?