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Saturday, May 26, 2012

TRUTH With a Capital "T" - Karl Keating


Fulton Sheen once wrote, "There are only a handful of Americans who hate the Catholic Church, though there are millions who hate what they think the Church is."

All my life I had people telling me all these very strange things, about these very strange people, in this very strange church! The Church was called CATHOLIC!!!! "Watch out!" they said, "they worship Mary!" "Be Careful" they said, "they don't let you read the Bible!" "It is awful!" they said, "they crucify Christ over and over and over again!" They said more than these 52 things that Keating speaks of but guess what I found out? They were wrong. All wrong! My Grandmother, rest her soul, was wrong! My churches were wrong! People I love and who love me were wrong! You will love discovering what this wonderful Church really believes. You may just decide to be CATHOLIC!!!! I did.

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Terry Fenwick said...

When I tell people about having first read this book, I really do flush red in the face. I knew the Bible, I knew the Word, I taught others and had for many years. I must have been such a know it all - although I did not ever teach anti-Catholic, I thought they had a lot of stuff and worshiped saints and the Blessed Mother and well, I am still embarrassed to have known so little truth.

The sad thing? You can't communicate this well with others until they really want to know Truth and look on their own. I was 70 when I read this book -