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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cardinal John Henry Newman speaks (Then and Now)


 "I am going to inquire why it is, that, in this intelligent nation, and in this rational nineteenth century, we Catholics are so despised and hated by our own countrymen, with whom we have lived all our lives, that they are prompt to believe any story, however extravagant, that is told to our disadvantage; as if beyond a doubt we were, every one of us, either brutishly deluded or preternaturally hypocritical, and they themselves, on the contrary were in comparison of us absolute specimens of sagacity, wisdom, uprightness, manly virtue, and enlightened Christianity. I am not inquiring why they are not Catholics themselves, but why they are so angry with those who are. Protestants differ amongst themselves, without calling each other fools and knaves."

"I repeat, not everything which is said to our disadvantage is without foundation in fact; but it is not {129} the true that tells against us in the controversy, but the false. The Tradition requires bold painting; its prominent outline, its glaring colouring, needs to be a falsehood , and they let the startling accusation sink into men's minds. Nothing else would have succeeded; and they pursue the same tactics now. So was it at the time of the Reformation; the multitude would never have been converted by exact reasoning and by facts which could be proved; so its upholders were clever enough to call the No inferior charge, I say, would have gained for them the battle; else, why should they have had recourse to it? Few persons tell atrocious falsehoods for the sake of telling them. If truth had been sufficient to put down Catholicism, the Reformers would not have had recourse to fiction. Errors indeed creep in by chance, whatever be the point of inquiry or dispute; "

John Henry Cardinal Newman


Terry Fenwick said...

As my husband, Tom and I, were entering Full Communion in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, we were both embarrassed we had been ignorant (not as in stupid but ignorant as in misinformed) literally all of our lives about what the Catholic Church really believed. Most converts or even reverts (those having left the Church and returned) admit to this same problem.

The reason we need to know 'what' we believe and 'why we believe' it, is not as much for us, as we are caught up in the worship and know it is the Real Thing but, the reason we need to know, is for others who have the "need to know." It is important to learn how to share and give the answers to the questions - even though others may not have them 'yet'.

I grew up with such total ignorance bout the Catholic Church. Now I find it is the only place in the world where there is pure Truth. I pray it is not easy for me to become complacent and just lean back, ho-hum, like many have, and just enjoy my Church, the worship with the Saints, all the history (both good and bad) and let the rest of the world go by. It is easy to do. It is wrong to do it.

Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

Miss Terry ... you are many things, but you are definitely NOT "ho-hum," that's for sure!! <3 you.