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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letter to Friends I Love

A Christmas letter I wrote Dec 5, 2006 to friends I love - still mean every word.  

A wonderful Gift idea for my dearest friends . . . YOU!

My son is always telling me "Spend your Widow Card, Mom!" Truly there are some times your friends will just have to listen to you - so I guess I am spending my Widow Card right now.  This is a special thought from my heart!  Be nice to your widow friend and read this.   Smile.

This morning, before the light of day, very early,  I was looking up toward the heavens and thinking of Tom and his new Home with his friends in High Places.   I know, I know, only his Soul is there now and his body will not be resurrected until the Great Resurrection, but the person who was Tom Fenwick is there now - and I really miss him.  I heard my voice say to him, "Tom, you were the best husband in the whole world.   You were so good to me and if, just if, I could have any given day in my life with you, any day at all, not the best, just any day, you choose it,  I would love it.   Just one more day - I would love to have you here for that one day and I would be the best wife in the world for YOU!  I really appreciate you so much now and wish I had a chance to show you that I could be a much better wife for you!"

Well, you know what Tom Fenwick said?   You are right - he said nothing.  He said nothing.

But, then I thought about all of you out there - my special friends yet on earth,  with your wives or husbands . I thought,  what if you could give each other the one day I wish I could live over.   It works for you!  You could do it for many days and maybe the message this morning was not just for Tom,  and for me,  but a message to share with my friends.

I thought to myself, I said, "Self, tell them all that.  Tell them to stop the craziness and busyness and just say, 'I want today to be the best wife in the world for you!'    (or best husband if you are a man)   Just wallow in the day - light the fire, drink hot chocolate, talk about your favorite memories, say I love you - using many syllables in love - and mean it - and tell him or her why.   Tell her or him what she means to you and your heart and how you love the memories of how you met and fell in love.   Tell him or her every wonderful thing he or she ever did for you and how you remember that day.  Tell him or her how wonderful life has been and how empty your life would be if tomorrow he or she was to be gone."    
That is what I thought to myself.

What do YOU think?  I guess the question I would ask myself (and the Lord) if I had another day is, "How can I do it better?  How can I be the best, Lord, you wanted me to be for Tom?"   I think we can all start there.   Give it a thought and make yourself a gift like none other to the Love of your Life.  Start this second.  Merry Christmas!

PS  Don't fight when you put the lights on the Christmas tree - well, maybe it is okay - but make certain you laugh, too!

Love in the Lamb who was born at Christmas, Terry


Tina said...

So beautiful, Terry. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Terry, I needed the reminder. I will start today and tomorrow and till this forgetful old heart stops reminding me. Then you are there to remind me again.
So glad to have a friend like you pouring blessings out of your heart through word.
God Bless

Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

... and, please Lord, help me to be the best friend that I can be to Miss Terry. Let me tell her how much I love her and what a blessing she has been in my life. Remind me to share with her how much she makes me smile and how much I have learned about enjoying life, and You, and my husband ... just because of her. Remind me, Lord ... and help me to do it. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my Darling Lady, for this letter.
Meditate, Love... Meditate ...Love ... continual work in progress this LIVING. Bless you for your sharing,

Donald Gatwood said...

Very nice. Henry David Thoreau said, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Terry Fenwick said...

I like to send this out the first of the year . . . it's a kinda start over after the stress of the season . . . putting on Christmas tree lights alone are dangerous for a marriage.

I do remember the last time before Tom left, when he was under the tree, adjusting lights, and how he looked up at me, saying, "Terry, I can't do this anymore." I said fine and we bought a tree with lights on it for next year - the final year we had a tree, and then he was gone. He really knew his limits.