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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reading to Ralston

by Stephen Chambers
Cantor and Sculptor 
I am reading a book to Ralston. I asked him the other night if he knew this priest - Fr. Gereon Goldmann - The Shadow of His Wings. I was reading it in bed (iPad) and, to be polite, I turned to Ralston (I always know where he is) and asked, "Ralston, do you know this priest?" and then I said, "Of course you do. You know all the heavens." I commented that it was written well and then with the pause, I asked, "You don't want me to read it to you, do you?" It was so sweet - he did - so I said, okay. I read the first chapter to him. Will read the book to him. 

How sweet is that. I need to ask him if he reads. I want to interview him but it is so hard to know what to ask but he could just tell me, I guess. I am so grateful to have him. When it is bedtime, I always ask if he wants to come in now or will he just walk through the door. They do that, you know. 

I wish more people did things with their angels. I don't feel he comes and goes but I know when he totally is interested in what I am doing. He does not let me write with exaggeration - when I do, he all but goes <ahem> and I back space or delete. I tell him I can make it a better story - but it is not allowed. Life itself is full of wonder - we don't need to expound. Look for wonder.

Stephen Chambers
41 Elizabeth Street
Ogdensburg,  New York 13669

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Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

I <3 Ralston ... and you! Happy reading! ;-)