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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waltzing with Charlotte Anne

Last Waltz in 2006 

December 31

Waltzing with Charlotte Anne

I love Charlotte Anne Fenwick so much!  She is just 2 and I introduced her today - to Belle of the Ball - a song by Leroy Anderson - played by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops.

I took both of her hands in mine.  I was sitting at my desk chair and the music came from my computer, which has outstanding sound, by the way.   I took her hands in mine, we were almost at eye level . . . it began . . . I moved my hands and arms with the music. I did not look away for a second.  Suddenly Charlotte Anne caught it.  Her eyes were twinkling as she began to lead.  I could feel her body had captured the Belle of the Ball waltz, which is, by the way, the best waltz every played . . .we left planet earth together for all of 2 minutes and 39 seconds.   

Tom must have loved every second of it.  He would have picked her up and danced throughout the house with her in his arms.  Tom always did that with the children but second best, she had me and a few minutes we both will never forget.  

Isn't life wonderful? go here the music . . . on you tube 


Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

How blessed Charlotte Anne is to have the best dancin' grandmother around!!

Terry Fenwick said...

this is the real Belle of the Ball with LeRoy Anderson - a must to hear

Gabriella said...

I'm glad you dance:) This was so touching<3
God love that little girl inside of you both! xo