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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Wonder What the Pope is Doing Tonight - JPII

Terry Fenwick - April 2, 2005

"I wonder what the Pope is doing tonight . . .” in short, he is hugging and taking care of every baby who comes to heaven from accidental death, illness or abuse and lovin' on them since he gave up having a family with "his own" children to be God's Priest. I think after he ran, tripping lightly through the fire, as Corinthians says we all do, all who are believers, that is, he arrived at the Gates of Heaven.  

Pope John Paul II fell on his face before the Father, which he always did anyway, worshiped the Lord with all his being and, since there is no time  (as we know time) in heaven, he has worshiped and adored the Lord by now for a part of Eternity Present.  That being first done and will continue, of course, I am sure Pope John Paul then asked, or was told what his assignment in heaven would be - we do not sit on clouds in heaven you know.  In heaven we will all have something to do.  We still serve HIM! 

When Pope John Paul II asked what he would be doing, everyone laughed and they all said, "You get the babies, JPII!  You get the children!!  You are the chief Baby Sitter of all the Kingdom for all eternity! You get to meet them when they come, JPII, and you get to comfort them until their parents come, and you get to rock them and hold them and let them hug you back, JPII. " 

. . . and that's what the Pope is doing tonight! And guess what?  He loves it!

  • A prayer walk in Canada - red slip on shoes, rosary - who could ask for anything more


Susan said...

I think you are right. He got the babies! :)

Randy Beeler said...

Definitely the babies! And as he cradles the babies, Our Holy Mother cradles him! <3

Anonymous said...

Chief it!! I bet he's having a good old chuckle at the pet-name you've given him. Lovely blog Terry. :)

Anonymous said...

the above comment was from me..having problems identifying myself on here. :(

Marian Angelus

Anonymous said...

Amen to this blog Terry....

Terry Fenwick said...