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Saturday, March 5, 2011

As Technical as a Blind Cat

I never worry about how intelligent I am.  I am happy with that part of my life.  However,  I have been on the computer for as long as anyone I know personally (except our one son, Christopher, who taught me how to plug in the computer, turn it on, and make it go.)  Well, he actually put a program in for me called Hypercard and then I put in Hyper Bible.  I think it was back in 1989.  In all that time I have discovered I am totally not technical. Actually I think I am about as technical as a blind cat.

I have this hunt and peck method of using a computer and, if I want something enough, I can make it work.  I learned how to "do" the stock market and trade stocks.  I learned how to go into stock rooms,  find great (brilliant and experienced) stock people and started my own stock room.  I learned how to shop and to shop and to shop.  I have mastered and I think I could buy things wearing blinders.

Google was the best thing of all as I learned I can heal any disease, find out about which muscle I pulled,  and why, what cream or salve will or won't heal it, and where to buy it in bulk, discovered castor oil helps neuropathy, discovered blood pressure medicine can cause neuropathy, found out what happened to my favorite movie stars, found Netflix and ordered movies;   discovered everything I ever wanted to know, when I wanted to know it,  everything about Catholicism - even can be pointed to the entire Catechism in seconds!  There is nothing I cannot discover.  So you see, I can learn.

Facebook was a piece of cake and I had photo albums the first night.  But that is the 'easy' stuff.  Even when someone throws Latin at me, in a second, I can see that Et in saecula saeculorum means "for ages of ages: forever and ever." That is not technical, but a blog is technical.

We have a Daughter-in-Love, Beth,  who is married to the same Christopher, see above. Beth will answer questions for me any time I need something, is always willing to come and help with a new computer and/or a very, very sick one.  We are not at all alike.  I could almost drive her crazy saving four (yes 4) copies of almost everything yet,  Beth has still been available.  She shakes her head often but she finally has allowed me to be insecure and keep multiple copies.  She no longer wants to know why I THINK I need all those copies.  She does not even care.

However, to do a blog, was not going to work.  Beth and Chris are both more advanced and, although I wanted a great blog, and an advanced one, there was no way I could ever handle an advanced blog. That was easy to see.  I began by telling you I was not worried about my intelligence - I knew better than to go advanced.  Pretty wise.  Quite bright. 

When trying the fancy advanced blog, I did not understand what I was doing, nor how I was doing it, nor why I was doing it.  That is important for me when I am learning.  I don't need to know how the computer is doing "it"  but how I am doing "it" is a must.  I knew I had to learn in order to have a blog. I just had to learn something that was easy.  Really easy.  So as of today, you are seeing exactly what I have learned - hunt and peck.  

Tomorrow?  I may have to learn all over again.  But here we go.  

terry fenwick - Saint in Training is officially launched. 

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Pam (Rose) Beeler said...

I think that your blog is lovely!