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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I was thinking about the Blessed Mother and that the One thing GOD the Father never had was a Mother. 

God never had a Mother.

And yet, in his foreknowledge He would have known how wonderful A MOTHER would be and He knew that when He came as Man, as Himself, His Son, Jesus, He would have ONE - A Blessed ONE - and how thrilling it would be to see Himself - as the SON with a MOTHER.

Through all the centuries until the birth of Christ, he watched the Mothers come and go - away - knowing One would come - sinless - and She would be so beautiful all the world would one day see what His design of a Mother was really like. And Glory - she would be His - and His gift to the Church. So we "take her to our home - and - we love her."

We have no difficulty calling her the Mother of GOD - none at all - because she is the Mother of JESUS who is GOD - so that is easy - but when we think back to the beginning - imagining HIM at the Creation without a Mother . . . we love her More and More.
Imagine GOD finally getting a Mother.


Terry Fenwick said...

"To God the Father, who loved us,
and made us accepted in the Beloved:
to God the Son who loved us,
and loosed us from our sins by his own blood:
to God the Holy Spirit,
who spreads the love of God abroad in our hearts:
to the one true God be all love and all glory
for time and for eternity. Amen."

Judith E Moody said...


Honorah said...

"Fiat!"... Amen

Terry Fenwick said...

Chalice Worship - Page 463
Colbert S. Cartwright, O. I. Cricket Harrison
900 To God the Father, who loved us and made us accepted in the Beloved. . . . . . .

Terry Fenwick said...

We knew our Mothers nine months longer than we knew ourselves. She kept us warm and fed us even before we were born. We always counted on her and she was always there!!!! Isn't that wonderful ? We will always miss her but GOD gave us the Blessed Mommy to trust and we known we can count on her! Mothers were GOD'S best idea! He knew HE would want one , too!