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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Brenda Starr, Reporter

When I was very young, I wanted to be like Brenda Starr, Reporter. Did you know her from the comics in the Chicago Tribune? She was daily and Sunday so she was very well known.

Brenda Starr had wonderful red hair and dressed like Vogue before there was Vogue. She was single but was in love with the mysterious Basil St. John, a very handsome man, who was always dressed beautifully and had a BLACK PATCH over one eye. Well . . . all women love a man with a Black Patch.

This was back in 1940 before a lot of you were born. Basil St John raised black orchids and he surprised Brenda Starr with them - not coming himself - but she would see them and know he was thinking of her. So, I wanted to be like Brenda Starr. I wanted to be a reporter - in fact - for a short elective I took Journalism and Latin (don't ask) and fancied myself on the way to being a "girl reporter" but I was only in 8th grade and was not ready for that career. I am telling you this because, sometimes on Facebook, I feel like Brenda Starr.

(Her creator, Dale Messick died at 99 after 70 years taking Brenda Starr all over the world - always looking beautiful to the end of Ms Messick's life.)


Pam Beeler said...

Lovely lady, you are such a delight. You are a modern-day Brenda Starr in my book!

Terry Fenwick said...

It is sometimes difficult to be a devout Catholic woman AND a comic book character, but I work hard at both!

Lillian said...

I had no idea you had a blog !! Love it!!! Love this post. I want to be Brenda Starr too! :)

Terry Fenwick said...

You ARE Brenda Starr

Terry Fenwick said...

You even have red hair, Lillian!!!