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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doubter's Novena - by Mike Aquilina

Making a Novena - Nine Steps to Trust

A Doubter's Novena: Nine Steps to Trust with the Apostle Thomas 
As with all of Mike Aquilina's books, and I think I now own all of them, I have such a difficult time writing a review. I don't know why, but it seems as though I may think too much, too hard, too deeply when I read Mike's books. That is not a bad thing - it is a good thing. I am not a surface reader with any of Aquilina's books. Why is that? They are not difficult reading but, I believe, as a convert to the Catholic Church, they are all life changing for me. I may need "thinking" time. 

The Doubter's Novena, Nine Steps to Trust with the Apostle Thomas, is a good place to begin to write a review, that is if I plan to write reviews, and I do! I have The Doubter's Novena on the corner of my desk with other books written by Mike Aquilina. I was thinking this morning, after seeing a Priest on Facebook say, "Only 45 days until Christmas!" that I need books for gifts and here is one. Everyone needs a good Novena book. This book is small, it is good for everyone, it is a perfect size for a gift and the price is so right! Under $10.00 and I get free shipping from Amazon. 

Doubter's Novena? So many people don't make it through a Novena - perhaps because they doubt? I don't know. However, I plan to give this to some friends. 

I liked the titles of the nine days: hear now, 1) The Idea of Thomas, 2) The Blessings and Burdens of History, 3) Less than Perfect, 4) What the World Knows, 5) Mountains and Oceans, 
6) Spice and Silk, 7) Flattery and Success, 8) Opposition and Defeat, 9) Trusting God. 
Before I began, I was certain to read 3) Less than Perfect,  as a sneak peek. Guess what it said? It said, "Just Like Thomas." Sounded like a good Novena for me. Sounds like a good Novena for every one. I don't doubt it, don't doubt it at all.

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