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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pocket Guide to the Bible - Dr. Scott Hahn

This review is from: A Pocket Guide to the Bible by Scott Hahn
 by Terry Fenwick

In A POCKET GUIDE TO THE BIBLE, after reading how the Bible came to be, the types of literature found within, and 'where to find' all the most important events in the Bible, Dr. Scott Hahn has given us a description for each of the Books of the Bible in a 'little' book so small that you can literally carry it in a pocket or handbag. I have them at home, in the car and in my book bag. Priced so economically, ($6.95) it is a great little gift for anyone. Personally, I buy them 10 at a time just to have them for last minute gifts! They fit in a 'greeting' card envelope with the card!

For Catholics, the Deuterocanonical books are clearly defined; for Protestants, that information is not wasted, as they will want to know what those 7 books are about,  when they speak with their Catholic friends.

Two examples for you - one for the Old Testament book of JOB and one for the New Testament book of 2 Thessalonians

JOB asks the most difficult question in all of philosophy: why do good people suffer? Job is prosperous and serves God faithfully. Satan, acting as a prosecutor in God's court, predicts that Job will curse God if he loses all his blessings. So Job loses everything, but he still will not curse God. However, he also refuses to admit that his downfall was the result of his sin, even when his friends try to persuade him to confess his unknown sin and pray to God for forgiveness. In he end, God himself vindicates Job, but Job can never hope to understand the reasons for his suffering. The wisdom and power of God are infinite and unsearchable.

2 Thessalonians reinforces the themes of 1 Thessalonians, clarifying teaching on Christ's return, and exhorting Christians to live orderly, normal lives of diligent work. He reminds them to hold fast to what they have been taught, either by writing or orally.

All the books are explained this clearly. Both younger and older people will treasure this book. There are many more helps in this POCKET GUIDE TO THE BIBLE. I just measured it and it is not even 1/16th of an inch thick.

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