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Sunday, July 19, 2015

KNOW YOUR CATECHISM or don't tie the cat's leg to the bedpost . . .

I love this story.  I told it with a lecture on Daniel and how he prayed at the window every day. This story is so true about how things happen.  People think this is what Catholics do, because they don't know the reasons we do things!!   That is one good reason we need to be able to tell them "why"  we do the many things we do . . . but you will enjoy the story. 
Imitating a Holy Man
A very poor holy man lived in a remote part of China. Every day before his time of meditation in order to show his devotion, he put a dish of butter up on the window sill as an offering to God, since food was so scarce. One day his cat came in and ate the butter. To remedy this, he began tying the cat to the bedpost each day before the quiet time. This man was so revered for his piety that others joined him as disciples and worshipped as he did. Generations later, long after the holy man was dead, his followers placed an offering of butter on the window sill during their time of prayer and meditation. Furthermore, each one bought a cat and tied it to the bedpost.
Source Unknown 
Moral here is KNOW YOUR CATECHISM!!!

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