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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


You've Got Mail 

Great movie . . . charming! Many smiles! My little French
granddaughter, Naomi and I watched "You've Got Mail" together.
Naomi is 7. 

There is a place in the movie where the shopgirl/owner, Kathleen
Kelly/MegRyan, closes her children's book store door for the final
time. Kathleen Kelly has lovely memories of growing up, going to
work in that store with her mother and "twirling" in the back

In fact, there is a picture of her "twirling" with her mother on the
wall.  At the "close out sale" you might notice that picture of
Kathleen and her mother twirling, and a sign pasted on the frame
saying, "not for sale!"

When Kathleen closes the door of the "Shop Around the Corner"
for this final time, now totally empty of books and chairs and
pictures on the walls, she removes the large bell of brass from the
door, turns off the lights; she takes a final look back and for a brief
moment she "sees" that memory of her mother twirling her as a child. 

She hears the music. 

It is a most precious moment. 

It is enchanting.

I told Naomi that she always needs to remember that part of the
movie.  Even though the store had to be closed, and even though
a chain store put Kathleen out of business, and even though Kathleen
had to leave this place she loved. . .no one, not ever in her life, could
take away the memory. 

Memories are ours forever.


Anonymous said...

You have singled out my favorite, most poignant moment of my favorite Tom Hanks Meg Ryan movie -- and described it so well, in so few words. Funny thing about "You've Got Mail." From the earliest days of email, the movie -- like any classic film -- is never really out-of-date. A part of us (our hearts) would love to share their experience. And of course the lucky ones among us . . . have!

Terry Fenwick said...

Naomi is now grown, is a beautiful young woman. She graduated from Cambridge Law and is now at Berkeley Boalt Law for International Law. She has been, and is still, making great memories.

Naomi was visiting Sunday and mentioned "remembering" sitting in the same chair where I was sitting - a blue wingback chair - watching this movie.
How fun for her to have that memory.

Terry Fenwick said...

How fun for me - to be a part of Naomi's memory. I am 82.