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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sharing a Little of my Life 

I have been interested to read how people are dealing with this tragedy of last Friday. I think we all are so emotionally involved. I told our five sons, who were here last night, that my Mother-Me was so hurting last Friday, I wanted to gather these huge older men (now they are) and have them all with me so I knew they were okay. I wanted to cry and hug them. I did call them and said a few desperate words. Last night we sat in the loft - some on the floor - eating pizza and talked about how we all had lived a long time now and had no terrible thing like last Friday happen to us. We were so grateful for the grandchildren and the great grands now - and how our family has been so safe thus far. We had ideas how to "never let this happen again" and we all talked at once and interrupted each other with our ideas. Ideas a million but all thinking clearly and bringing our best thoughts to the room. Redesigning the schools. That in itself was a full evening. 

Then all broke loose as they opened a 55" TV and began to move furniture chests in our bedroom, hanging the new TV on the wall. Using a laser beam to make it even! Ideas a million (again) but all thinking clearly and bringing their best thoughts to the table and the room. Cleaning up all the time - moving furniture, rehanging wreaths, filling in holes from a thermostat, putting in new wall switches (they are great!) and doing everything to put things back - they are such fun to watch. All so talented and so gifted with ideas. It was a perfect evening for me - my favorite thing - to be there with them and watch these 5 from my womb. Ralston and I talked later - he loved it because their Angels came, of course, and they have lived together for years in the past. 

Ralston says they turned out very, very well and I reminded him they all came from God thru me and he reminded me, "I know that - I was there!"

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Pam Beeler said...

Love you, lovely lady ... and your lovely family! <3