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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Companionship of the Dead . . . Henri Nouwen

Monday August 29, 2011                     

The Companionship of the Dead 

As we grow older we have more and more people to remember, 
people who have died before us.  It is very important to remember 
those who have loved us and those we have loved.  Remembering
them means letting their spirits inspire us in our daily lives.  They
can become part of our spiritual communities and gently help us as
we make decisions on our journeys.   Parents, spouses, children, 
and friends can become true spiritual companions after they have
died.  Sometimes they can become even more intimate to us after
death than when they were with us in life. 

Remembering the dead is choosing their ongoing companionship. 


Terry Fenwick said...

At 79, I have more of these "Loved Ones" gone than here around me on planet earth. I think of them as my cheering team in problems, just as I do the Angels, Saints and the Blessed Mother. They are for me and best of all, for my Soul. They have been through the same hazards and are cheering me to Love those about me in true Christian Love and softly whispering,
". . .shhhh don't forget to walk in forgiveness. . ." I would be remiss if I did not mention my Angel - who is never far away - and wanting to see my Soul Home and puffed with Love.

Terry Fenwick said...

My favorite by Nouwen was one I read to my husband the day he left us - I had read it with excitement that morning, as in, "Tom! Tom! Come listen to this!" and just a few hours later my man was taken Home - in just a second - and I called out to him, "Remember, Tom! Remember what I read from Henri this morning! Let the Angels minister to you!!!"

Terry Fenwick said...

Here it is: Praying to Die Well

Many people say, "I am not afraid of death, but I am afraid of dying." This is quite understandable, since dying often means illness, pain, dependency, and loneliness.

The fear of dying is nothing to be ashamed of. It is the most human of all human fears. Jesus himself entered into that fear. In his anguish "sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood" (Luke 22:44). How must we deal with our fear of dying? Like Jesus we must pray that we may receive special strength to make the great passage to new life. Then we can trust that God will send us an angel to comfort us, as he sent an angel to Jesus.

Terry Fenwick said...

WISDOM 10:10 When a righteous man fled from his brother's wrath, she guided him on straight paths; she showed him the kingdom of God, and gave him knowledge of angels; * she prospered him in his labors, and increased the fruit of his toil.